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JSDDBS attended the Symposium in USA and achieved important results

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The 2nd International Symposium on Bioremediation and Sustainable Environmental Technologies  was conducted June 10-13, 2013, in Jacksonville, Florida, USA. Mr. Charley Wang, Director for Technical Services, and a representative from JSDDBS’ US office, attended the Symposium and made important progress.

Mr. Wang holds a master degree in hydrogeology, worked as a lecturer in Tongji University, then came to the US to study environmental engineering.  Charley has been practicing in environmental remediation industry in the US and Asia Pacific for about 20 years, and is a seasoned professional.  He is a licensed professional engineer and professional hydrologist in multiple states in the US.

During the meeting, they visited old friends in this field, and discussed on specific projects and next steps of action with a firm renowned for remediation using chemical oxidation and reduction. They also met with existing partners like Regenesis and potential partners like FMC, CRT, SiREM,Terrus and EOS, and discussed on future cooperation.

International Symposium on Bioremediation and Sustainable Environmental Technologies is an important conference in the field of international environmental remediation in recent years. About 600 people from all over the world representing major consulting firms, equipment manufacturers and suppliers agents involved in bioremediation and sustainable environmental technologies attended the symposium. For further information, please refer to

Mr. Charley Wang(left)with Ms. Alexandra Cousteau, one of two keynote speakers

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